located in Orchard Park Shopping Centre

designed and executed by Geert Maas

Material: Bronze with multi patinas and Stainless Steel
Height:   over 3.60 meters / 12 feet

The sculpture represents an apple, bronze and stainless steel, sliced and some sections protruding. The bronze apple is finished in different patinas and has a stainless steel stem, sitting atop a brushed stainless steel column holding two containers with artifacts. The apple is divided into several surfaces, planes and colours to reflect the rich diversity of the people of Kelowna.

The bottom container will be opened in 2030. The top container will be opened in 2105, one hundred years after being sealed. 

Available for purchase:  "Apple" maquettes of the Kelowna Centennial Time Capsule.


Image left: 
Bronze on a walnut base, total height approximately 16.5 cm (6.5") Limited edition of 25.
Image right:
Apple, bronze, 28.5 x 25.5 x 28 cm high (11.25" x 10" x 11") Limited edition of 9.


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