DESTINY, Bronze with multi patinas

Located at Tachibana University in Kyoto, Japan
Designed and executed by Geert Maas

Height including polished granite base (designed by the Artist): Approximately 2.76 m. (9'2")
Height bronze sculpture: 1.61 m. (5'4")

The sculpture depicts people climbing stairs on an "obelisk" like structure. This denotes the educational journey of students. The shape is like an endless column, an emphasis on educational development and growth. Those taking the educational journey are willing to turn the corner. Symbolized by human figures climbing the stairs around the tower to the top. The unknown is a different challenge, a different culture to be met. Tachibana University and Okanagan College have embarked on this cultural exchange, partnership and friendship. This also is symbolized by two medallions embedded in each sculpture representing Tachibana University in Kyoto and Okanagan College in Vernon.


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